Sonntag, 3. Juli 2016

First post [20 FACTS ABOUT ME]


In this first post I'm going to tell you a bit about me ~

1. You can call me Coraline. It's not my real name but it's HELLA similiar and i really like it

2. My birthday is on the 10th May //proud Taurus coughcough//. I turned 18 this year.

3. I have a lil' Superman and Resident Evil obsession 

4. I mostly listen to Rock but also to many other genres.

5. Currently i have two tattoos. An anchor on my left (outer?) wrist, and the freedom tattoo from Pirates of the Caribbean also Johnny Depp has.

6. I just start a new instagram account because i had way too many ghost followers on my old one (misspxmpkin)

7. I love cute things like plushies and flowers, but i also love horror movies, black things, mystic stuff and gore. I even have a favourite serial killer. sorry i'm a strange lil' miss.

8. I have two guniea pigs. The male one is black and his name is BlackChocolate, the female is white-beige and her name is Princess Marshmallow. Don't ask ok.

9. I live in Germany, Bavaria. But i moved alot in my childhood. 15 times tbh.

10. My favourite anime is Inuyasha, my favourite Manga is Akuma to love song ♥

11. I used to cosplay but i don't have fun with it at the moment because the community got really shitty. It's just "Who's the best", "Who has the most likes" and stuff like that anymore. But I have a new cosplay coming up soon. So stay tuned 👀

12. I'm addicted to everything Alice in Wonderland related.

13. I love Pirates. I can't tell you why, i just love them and their whole time.

14. I'm a vegetarian but i don't mind if you eat meat. It's your own decision what you eat and what not. ✌️

15. If you wanna talk to me DO IT. I love to meet new people. As long as you are not some creepy guy.

16. The family of my father were royals. which means i'm actually a princess 👑

17. I love sheep plushies. My mom bought me one on my 8th birthday and since then i love them. I own 50+ currently 😂

18. I wanna have photoshootings so bad but I'm a ugly ass trashbag so no one wants to shoot me cry

19. I love to play video games 🎮 my most played games atm are Bioshock: Infinite and Sims 3. But i also Play Resident Evil 6 a lot atm 🔫

20. All in All: I'm a really strange lil' Miss who loves horror movies and mystical shit like ghosts but also loves cute and pretty stuff. 👑
Oh. And i believe in the zodiac signs. The most stuff i read about taureans is really accurate. 

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