Sonntag, 7. August 2016

REVIEW || RoleCosplay || Harley Quinn Bomber [Suicide Squad]

Hi sweeties 💋
At first a huuuge THANK YOU to RoleCosplay who sponsored me this amazing bomber ♥

RoleCosplay is based in Zhejiang China, with 3 wig factories and 2 costumes factories. They ship wordlwide and they have a really friendly costumer service.
Their costumes are all handmade and they are really cheap but have an amazing quality!

It's the Bomber Harley Quinn is wearing in Suicide Squad and gosh. I love this so much ♥♥♥

 The back is non-shniny because it's sewn on other like the original but i like this waay more.

 Also the 'ends' are really nice sewn and aren't itchy or anything!
 The lining material feels nice as well and is really well sewn together with the outside fabric.

The zipper on the front works great and is easy to use.

The shipping and procressing was really fast. The wrote me on the 26th July that they started it and it arrived on the 6th August. The packaging was one of these plastig bag thingys (i dunno how they are called??) so this was safe as well.

All in all I'm really happy with the bomber and I'm so honored that i got the opportunity to work with RoleCosplay. Thank you so much again. ♥
I hope you enjoyed this review!

ALSO: If you're going to buy anything from RoleCosplay, be sure to use my code 'coraline' at the checkout so you can save some money! ♥

Here a few pics ~

Sonntag, 3. Juli 2016

First post [20 FACTS ABOUT ME]


In this first post I'm going to tell you a bit about me ~

1. You can call me Coraline. It's not my real name but it's HELLA similiar and i really like it

2. My birthday is on the 10th May //proud Taurus coughcough//. I turned 18 this year.

3. I have a lil' Superman and Resident Evil obsession 

4. I mostly listen to Rock but also to many other genres.

5. Currently i have two tattoos. An anchor on my left (outer?) wrist, and the freedom tattoo from Pirates of the Caribbean also Johnny Depp has.

6. I just start a new instagram account because i had way too many ghost followers on my old one (misspxmpkin)

7. I love cute things like plushies and flowers, but i also love horror movies, black things, mystic stuff and gore. I even have a favourite serial killer. sorry i'm a strange lil' miss.

8. I have two guniea pigs. The male one is black and his name is BlackChocolate, the female is white-beige and her name is Princess Marshmallow. Don't ask ok.

9. I live in Germany, Bavaria. But i moved alot in my childhood. 15 times tbh.

10. My favourite anime is Inuyasha, my favourite Manga is Akuma to love song ♥

11. I used to cosplay but i don't have fun with it at the moment because the community got really shitty. It's just "Who's the best", "Who has the most likes" and stuff like that anymore. But I have a new cosplay coming up soon. So stay tuned 👀

12. I'm addicted to everything Alice in Wonderland related.

13. I love Pirates. I can't tell you why, i just love them and their whole time.

14. I'm a vegetarian but i don't mind if you eat meat. It's your own decision what you eat and what not. ✌️

15. If you wanna talk to me DO IT. I love to meet new people. As long as you are not some creepy guy.

16. The family of my father were royals. which means i'm actually a princess 👑

17. I love sheep plushies. My mom bought me one on my 8th birthday and since then i love them. I own 50+ currently 😂

18. I wanna have photoshootings so bad but I'm a ugly ass trashbag so no one wants to shoot me cry

19. I love to play video games 🎮 my most played games atm are Bioshock: Infinite and Sims 3. But i also Play Resident Evil 6 a lot atm 🔫

20. All in All: I'm a really strange lil' Miss who loves horror movies and mystical shit like ghosts but also loves cute and pretty stuff. 👑
Oh. And i believe in the zodiac signs. The most stuff i read about taureans is really accurate. 

I hope you liked this post and donÄt forget to follow me here! ♥
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